What do you need to know?


You want to know that your doodle commision is in safe hands.


Well I have been drawing for a lonnnnnnnng time.

It was my obsession as a child and I've been drawing in one way or another for at least 30 years which is loads! So if you are looking for someone with experience, I have that in bucketloads. 


I try to make the process as easy as possible as I want you to love the final image. Throughout us working together, I will keep you updated and ask you to get involved with feeding back. Working together we can create something special you will be really proud of.


Below are some questions that may help you when thinking about your project and help you decide about getting in touch.



1 - Do you like my style? Will it complement your message, appeal to your audience, help to clarify some points for the reader?


2 - What is your budget? Take a look at my pricing which will give you an idea, but I am happy to provide you with a quote if that's helpful.


3 - What is the timeline? It is important that I know your deadline upfront. Are you wanting this to be part of a campaign? Does it need to be scheduled in, or signed off more widely before the date you have in mind? All of my jobs vary in length of time, so I can give you an idea of how long it will take me when we talk.