If you’re not using these top 3 hand written content delivery systems then you’re falling behind!

            Haha only joking, BUT this is a reminder that these are cool ways to share hand written and doodled content with people interested in you and what you’re doing.

            Write or doodle something, a quote, a snippet of a plan , something about you/ your business on one of these, take a photo and share it online.

            - Notebooks
            - Post it notes
            - Backs of envelopes
            - Notecard things

            I love seeing people’s little business diagrams and post it note walls and lines from their favourite book or whatever, because the handwriting or the way they doodle shows their personality.

            It’s imperfect and human and lovely.


            They are also to my mind quick and easy and a great way to share a bit of you/ your businesses personality to your feed if you are under time pressure, which lets face it, if you have any size of business then you have some time pressure somewhere.


            Give it a go and don't forget to tag me so I can see !