Sketchbooks aren’t just for arty types you know, here are 5 reasons I think you should keep one this summer…..

            1- Sick of scrolling on your phone in between things? A small sketch or doodle book is perfect for waxing some minutes and getting lusciously lost for some moments . If you can’t lose yourself lusciously in summer, when can you?

            2- You want some time off but let’s face it great ideas for your business will strike when you are relaxed and your creativity is like “woooooohooooo you’ve stopped suppressing me with meetings, I want to play! “A small sketch or doodle book is less anti social and you are less likely to get told off by your family.

            3- No charger or battery or internet connection required!

            4-If you are having quite a bit off time off, it will be a nice excuse for some creative brain time, kind of like stretching so wen u come back to work in September it won’t be like that first back to the gym run after Christmas, cos that shiz will be limber. If you are working through summer like me, it will be a nice bit of respite and feel like ur doing something gorgeous for yourself.

            5- It will become a growing gooey lovely treasure chest of ideas for your content creation-WHATS NOT TO LOVE?

            And lucky for you I’m annoyingly enthusiastic about this so will be sharing tips and ideas over on Instagram as I go along this summer making mine, so if you want to join in, please dooooooo 🌈✏️😊