Feeling a bit creatively blah?
            Ideas coming out like soggy sprouts?
            Hate everything that you are coming up with?
            Bored, bored, bored ?

            Something I really tried to embrace last year was experimenting-

            - making and keeping sketchbooks
            - trying different online classes
            - changing up my social media habits ( no not a big pure, I’m coming off, but switching up when I was doing things and having mini breaks in the week)
            - checking out my old ideas and seeing if I could articulate them better, sharper, make them funnier, clearer.
            - noticing people when I was out and about and drawing them when I got home.

            It’s not a world shattering breakthrough thought, but I find it easy to forget, so if some of you do to, I thought I’d remind you here.

            If you’re feeling stuck creatively, do ANYTHING different and
            see how it makes you think and feel, and it doesn’t have to be big or cost 5 ZILILION pounds, cos I’m suggesting it here. For zero pounds. Here we go.

            Things u could do different-
            - how you wash
            - what you eat
            - what you read/ listen to or watch
            - where you walk
            - the bus you catch
            - when you eat
            - where you eat
            - what you wear
            - where you get your coffee
            - where you shop

            Here to mini experiments, whether they work like a charm or fail like a soggy cardboard box, they will have worked their magic- I promise!