Perfect Presentation Icons- (For the ultimate slide deck!)

Bespoke  handrawn icon library (15 icons)

 From £550.00

(Icons are small and simple illustrations to represent an idea or theme - for example, speech bubble, coffee cups, laptop brain, people talking etc) - This package is ideal for when you have a particular workshop or presentation or pitch in mind that you want to have visual consistency for and need something a little different from the standard icon types. All icons can be created in brand colours where required, you can also connect me with your graphic designer if thats helpful.



Infographics, brand journeys, development experiences.

A4 Digital illustration (complex)

From - £450.00

Have the individual elements turned into clip arts +£75.00


If you send me some more details I can give you an individualised quote.

All illustrations can be created with brand colours where required.



Graphic translation of reports/Company processes/  Internal Newsletters-


For a larger project like this please send me some details via email and I can give you a sensible quote to help you make a quick decision. 




Please advise me, before we start work of the digital  format you need for your illustration. Are you using it online? In printed material or does it need to be a certain size?


Turnaround Time


Please let me know if you have a deadline. 

If I can't do it I will be honest about that at the start.


Don't worry, I am happy to answer any questions or address any worries you may have so please just ask! 

Email me -